Environmental Stewardship

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is committed to operating its facilities in an environmentally responsible manner so as to conserve the existing resources unique to the Airport and its environs, and to produce a better environment for neighboring communities, for the public at large, and also for the Airport's customers, tenants, and staff.  It defines Environmental Stewardship as the careful and responsible management of natural and cultural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Environmental Stewardship is factored not only into the Airport System's daily operations, but also into plans for future development. In defining and applying sustainable design principles, PHL strives to address environmental issues early in the planning process, and has developed a number of initiatives to ensure appropriate development.

As evident in the Environmental Policy Statement, all departments of the Airport will operate of its facilities in an environmentally responsible manner.  Using the Environmental Policy Statement as the foundation, a Compliance-Focused Environmental Management System (CF-EMS) was developed to track regulatory compliance issues as well as airport activities pertaining to Energy, Habitat, Solid Waste, Spills, Air Emissions, Noise, and Regulated Waste.

Innovative approaches to meet, and potentially exceed, regulatory requirements are inherent in the environmental goals and objectives defined by the Airport.  Enforcing best management practices, maintaining an environmental database, and tracking and monitoring also contribute to sustaining an environment that is shared by many.

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