Noise Compatibility Program (F.A.R. Part 150)

Noise is an inevitable consequence of airport operations. While airplane engine design is constantly improving to reduce noise, noise remains the biggest complaint from airport neighbors. While the City’s ability to reduce aircraft noise is limited, the Airport is committed to taking steps to improve communication about noise issues, and to work with airlines and the FAA to reduce noise impacts to our community.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has voluntarily developed a Noise Compatibility Plan (NCP) and Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs) under Part 150 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (F.A.R.s). NEMs show the level of aircraft noise exposure at the time they were developed and also provide future forecast of aircraft noise exposure based on factors such as future flight paths, the number of aircraft operations and the type of aircraft anticipated to operate. Also, the area that exceeds 65 dB(A) is shown, which is the threshold for compatibility with residential and other noise-sensitive land uses. Similarly, the NCP is an approved plan to reduce aircraft noise exposure. Both the NCP and NEMs were developed with substantial input from local communities.
For more information on PHL’s Noise Compatibility Program, please contact the Airport Noise Office at 215-937-6750 or via email to

The current and approved Noise Exposure Maps and the Noise Compatibility Plan are listed electronically below but hard copies may be reviewed by appointment at the Airport Noise and Community Services Office (2801 Island Ave. Ste 13, Philadelphia, PA 19153). The previous Noise Exposure Maps and Noise Compatibility Plan from 2002 are also available at the Airport Noise Office, but are for historical use only.

Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs)

2008 Noise Exposure Map (NEM)
This map indicates aircraft noise levels around PHL in 2008.
(Click map to download a high-resolution PDF version)

2013 Noise Exposure Map (NEM)
This map indicates aircraft noise levels around PHL in 2013.
(Click map to download a high-resolution PDF version)
Noise Exposure Maps Full Report
Noise Compatibility Plan (NCP)
Noise Compatibility Plan Full Report