Terminal C

January 20, 2012 - September 24, 2012 

Philadelphia artist Anne Schaefer is known for her large-scale, very colorful, geometrically patterned installations made of digitally printed, wall-mounted vinyl. Schaefer’s bold patterns are composed of repeated elements such as stripes, rectangles, and diamonds – simple, modular, geometric systems that enable her to explore endless variations through color, overlapping, and sequencing. Making the installations even more complex, she often incorporates 3-dimensional elements like cubes or rectangles strategically placed overtop the pattern to fully integrate into the background. When approached straight on, elements with a lower relief are camouflaged as they perfectly align with the overall design. When viewed from an angle, the elements and their dimensionality are revealed.  Elements with a larger profile are initially more visually evident, yet serve to stretch and distort the underlying pattern. This optical play with its additional and unexpected detailing enlivens Schaefer’s installations, making them even more mesmerizing and captivating than initially perceived.