Terminal A-West
February 11, 2011 - November 27, 2011

Rick Stanley and his son, Vince, are the creators, designers, and engineers of one-of-a-kind clocks. Their shop, Stanley Clockworks, near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania is home to their inventive menagerie of timepieces that include a “Walking Clock.”  An impressive 24 feet in length, this clock features 12 shoes that keep time by marching back and forth over 2,700 miles each year. Another timepiece, a “Train Clock,” depicts the front of a large steam locomotive along with a smaller model train that encircles its outer ledge every hour.  A 21-foot long “Beer Bottle Clock” features 300 recycled beer bottles that function as the clock’s gear teeth. Although unconventional, all of the clocks maintain accurate time. As Rick Stanley has said, “A clock that can’t keep time has no value.” But, just as important as their functionality, the clocks are designed to be entertaining. Each creatively incorporates everyday objects like the shoes, model train, and beer bottles to enliven the way that we experience them. The Stanleys take pride in making clocks that imaginatively showcase the mechanics of timekeeping, particularly when digital clocks are predominant. Many months are involved developing and fine-tuning the craftsmanship and engineering to ensure that their clocks are both visually pleasing and precise.