Terminal A-West

October 24, 2014 - May 3, 2015

Skateboarders know all too well how often their skateboard decks break. It's unfortunate when a well-ridden deck breaks in two. Rather than trashing the skateboard, though, a Philadelphia-area design team, "deckstool," recycles the boards into furniture – stools, benches, coffee tables, desks and other objects like photo frames, key rings, wall hooks, and coasters.

For deckstool, it's important to retain each deck's one-of-a-kind markings – its history of unique scrapes, gouges, and graffiti that over time they say "creates beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork." Not only does deckstool salvage the decks, they also re-use the trucks – the hardware that connects the wheels to the deck – to hold their furnishings together.

To create their furniture, deckstool pays for broken boards collected from skate shops and skate parks throughout the United States and Canada. It's their goal to support skateboarding and skate-related causes through their recycling program. By recycling broken boards with deckstool, not only do the parts stay out of landfills, businesses and parks raise additional funds for their shops or in support of future skate park projects.

When that unfortunate event happens – a broken deck – remember, there is a creative and environmentally friendly alternative to immortalize old boards.

Send it to deckstool and they will turn it into a new, useful, and long-lasting object.