Terminal A-West

December 19, 2015 - July 13, 2016

Philadelphia ceramist Diane Marimow is inspired by the sea – its shells and marine life. Her 3-dimensional abstractions emulate the growth and movement of sea creatures, particularly mollusks such as snails, clams, and conch. Marimow’s objects are typically circular curvilinear shapes textured with spirals and shallow indentations and patterned glazed stripes. Marimow’s forms capture the sensation of life underwater with their graceful, undulating curves giving them the appearance of floating on the ocean’s current.

She creates both singular objects and totemic sculptures where multiple forms are stacked vertically. The totems feature circular - sometimes conical - shapes nestled together one atop the other. Each individual object on the totem appears to have regenerated itself from the others. There is a familial sense among the multiple elements. And like all species, each is unique in its detail.

Marimow has said “that there are tens of thousands of known species of mollusks, more than enough to stimulate my imagination.” With such vast source material, Marimow will continue her explorations of the sea.

Diane Marimow is an Associate artist at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, and a museum educator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, and has exhibited her work throughout the region.

Visit diane.marimow.com.