Terminal B

December 2, 2010 - July 11, 2011

Piladelphia area artist Donna Usher has developed a visual language inspired by her innate response to circular forms both manmade and natural – from Australian Aboriginal dot paintings to microscopic cells and planetary orbs. Usher’s abstract paintings typically feature multiple layers of densely patterned spheres with seemingly endless variations in color, size, and texture. The extremely detailed, often obsessive nature of her work is mesmerizing especially in the multi-layered paintings where overlapping circular forms appear to infinitely recede. There is a sense that you are peering into a cosmic universe – a world without dimensions.

Usher’s paintings have been eloquently described as meditative and an invitation to contemplation. Her aesthetic of mark making, patterning, and beautiful color palette conjure dreamlike spaces that are universally harmonious for all to experience.