Terminal C

July 10, 2014 - January 27, 2015 

Philadelphia area artist Erica Zoë Loustau is fascinated with birds particularly when seen en masse. She describes their movements as “sweeping the sky in long graceful ribbons.” At other times, the birds appear as “3-dimensional volumes that morph, turn, and swoop.” It is this energy and majestic beauty of the birds that Loustau captures in her installations. Depending on the size of the overall space, she typically creates hundreds to thousands of birds, often made of paper, and suspended from geometrically arranged lines of monofilament. This technique enables Loustau to emulate a flock’s movement, allowing the viewer to experience a fleeting and ephemeral moment, now frozen in time.

In Flutter, Loustau has introduced a human element – a wooden, puppet-like figure on stilts – that alludes to a dream scenario. She says, “The narrative explores our desire to grasp that which is intangible” as the figure is reaching out to the birds longing to soar amongst them, longing to experience their peaceful freedom.