Terminal B
May 8, 2006 - November 29, 2006

Philadelphia artist Eva Wylie is known for her large-scale collages that feature imagery collected from a variety of everyday sources-magazines, advertisements, and the Internet. She chooses imagery that will enhance the theme and rhythm of a particular artwork. Typically, the individual images are densely repeated to create a decorative, patterned surface. The imagery is printed onto fabric or paper then mounted to canvas for structural support. Portions of the canvas are meticulously cut away to inform the overall composition and to emphasize the temporal nature of each piece.

In Near Berserk, Wylie has incorporated images of houseplants and tents in what appears to have been a map or a diagram. With the addition of pools of blue ink and undulating paths of brilliant orange, the tents and plants reference an exotic site, possibly a refuge for nomadic travelers or a desert camp.