June 28, 2017 - May 28, 2018
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On November 6, 2015, Philadelphia was honored with the prestigious distinction of being named the Nation’s First World Heritage City by the international Organization of World Heritage Cities.

Today, there are 280 World Heritage Cities – each features a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Philadelphia’s is Independence Hall for it is the birthplace of America where the 2 most timeless charters of freedom – The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – were both debated and signed.

As the nation’s first World Heritage City, it is one of many historic national firsts that Philadelphia has to celebrate including America’s first hospital, first bank, first stock exchange, theatre, university, zoo, and first electronic computer. Its talented residents have achieved numerous firsts by creating the first planned city, first volunteer fire company, first experiment with lightning and electricity, first African Methodist Episcopal Church, and home to the first African American astronaut in space – to name only a few.  Philadelphia’s firsts are extensive and wide ranging from economic, horticultural and medical advancements to human rights, the arts, and technology.

With this honor, Philadelphia has joined the ranks of other World Heritage Cities -- Amsterdam, Berlin, Cairo, Florence, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kyoto, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Quebec, Vienna, Zanzibar, and more. This official global recognition is inspirational for Philadelphians, its citizenry and residents, to proudly continue to maintain, preserve, and appreciate its collective heritage. It is the City’s significant history, its treasured arts and cultural assets, its innovations, its diverse communities, and profound educational resources that continue to define Philadelphia as a world-class city.

To further recognize the City’s historical significance, this exhibition features 67 of Philadelphia’s National Historic Landmarks. Each underscores the City’s unique and indelible contributions to the nation and the world. And, given Philadelphia’s vanguard for creativity and innovation, the City will not only preserve its world heritage legacy but will continue to advance world heritage globally.