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I love being a philanthropist…giving to other people makes you feel good inside…and it's fun!"  Artist-philanthropist, 3rd grader

Fresh Artists, Philadelphia, is an innovative, multifaceted nonprofit organization that invites young artists-philanthropists to donate images of their artwork to support art education in underfunded public schools throughout the United States.

Fresh Artists has amassed a continually evolving art collection donated by students in grades K-12. The philosophical core of Fresh Artists programming is described as "lateral philanthropy – a paradigm shift that empowers children to be the catalytic donors." Fresh Artists partners youth artists with corporations in a very unique way. Fresh Artists seeks corporate and individual financial contributions and in return companies receive high-quality prints of the children's original works of art for display throughout their offices. The financial contributions result in an aesthetically pleasing and vibrant work environment and the money raised supports the purchase of art supplies and arts education in schools with limited resources.

Fresh Artists states that "research presents mounting evidence of the connection between a rigorous art curriculum and the development of critical thinking skills."  They also realize that their innovative approach to fundraising cultivates a "circle of philanthropy in which children's art fulfills a real business need while raising funds for future art making in needy schools."  Fresh Artists has created an invaluable opportunity for young artists who learn first-hand the importance of helping others by giving something of themselves – their creative talents.

Since Fresh Artists began in 2008, over 1,000 youth artist-philanthropists have donated artwork that has resulted in more than $500,000 in art supplies and art programs delivered to classrooms throughout the United States. In addition to the corporate art program, Fresh Artists continues to expand its offerings to include Pablo's Clothesline Art Sale, Mini-Masterpieces, Paper Mosaic Color Chip Art, Make-Your-Own Memory Game, Silly City, and more.

To contribute or to learn more about Fresh Artists, visit freshartists.