​Between Terminals E and F

April 24, 2015 - January 26, 2016

The Philadelphia musician, DJ - and street artist known as “Get Up” - has developed a creative persona that combines his passions for both music and art. One of Get Up’s first visual endeavors was a design to promote his professional music career – a masked pair of swing dancers that are the centerpiece of his personal logo. Soon after, his visual creativity went public in the form of street art where he covertly wheat-pasted large prints throughout the city. His graphic street aesthetic - spray painted on paper and applied to walls - is typically Philadelphia-centric and features dancers, musicians, sports figures, and icons like Ben Franklin and the beloved Phillie Phanatic.

Get Up’s recognizable imagery is meant to be upbeat. It celebrates the music, art, and the city where he lives. As street art, it is intended to enliven the everyday experiences of passersby. Using wheat-paste, the exterior applications are temporary due to their intentional removal or weathering. That is part of the excitement for street artists – finding a wall to paste and never knowing how long the work will exist.

Here within the Airport, Get Up’s art can be enjoyed for many months. Once you’ve seen Get Up’s distinctive graphic style, if you are in Center City, you might recognize his work on the street.

Visit www.getup.us.