Terminal E

June 11, 2011 - January 22, 2012

Philadelphia artist Henry Bermudez is known for his large-scale paintings primarily made of cut paper. His work is inspired by numerous art historical references such as pre-Columbian art, Baroque, and surrealism as well as a variety of world mythologies from Aztec and Mayan to African and Celtic. Handcrafted with extreme precision, the work gracefully combines patterns and representational imagery with abstraction. Visually intense, Bermudez’s complex compositions typically feature undulating lines that wind throughout the picture plane like primordial vines. They even define the edges of each painting to enhance the sensation of movement and growth. Often intertwined within their midst are images of hybrid creatures – part human, part animal – that are somewhat obscured and camouflaged within the lacey labyrinth of curling tentacles.   

Bermudez’s work has been described as “steeped in mythical dream imagery, an otherworldliness of carefully constructed swirling forms, lush color and splashes of gold…the figures emerge from the rich complexity of their settings suggesting a mythology full of complex cultures lost in the wilds of the jungle.” Bermudez’s artistic style, imagery, and ambitious scale are commanding and captivating. The work is mesmerizing in its craftsmanship and extraordinary detail. He has developed a unique aesthetic that is earthly yet magical and mysterious. It is a visual world that exists outside of any human realm where the figures, animals, and the landscape evolve as one.