Between Terminals E and F
October 1, 2013 - August 24, 2014

Philadelphia photographer Scott Weiner has been taking photographs since the mid-1970s. From the very beginning of his career, he was interested in concert photography. As a young photographer, Weiner would buy tickets to shows and take photographs from his seat.
While in college studying radio, television, and film at Temple University, he sold his first professional photograph to the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was a backstage photo of the now legendary musician Leon Russell. The next day, Weiner sold the remaining photos of Russell to the artist’s record label. Weiner has been a professional photographer ever since.
Years later, while working for the magazine Philadelphia Style, Weiner routinely photographed celebrities who came to Philadelphia. At one point, his editor commented that a particular photo wasn’t “Philly enough.” Weiner replied, “What do I have to do, shoot celebrities with a sign saying ‘I’m in Philly?’” So he did.
Since then, Weiner has worked on a series of photographs that he describes as a “secret project.” At the end of each photo session, he gives the celebrity a handmade sign that reads, “I’m in Philly,” and he takes one final shot. Using signs drawn by his daughter, he carries them to every photo shoot. Today, he has accumulated nearly 90 I’m in Philly photographs from politicians and well-known personalities to musicians and actors.
As this is Weiner’s first exhibition of I’m in Philly – it’s no longer a secret project.
Over the years, Scott Weiner’s commissioned work has been published in many of the most popular music and entertainment magazines throughout the world. His photographs have also appeared on album and CD covers and have been used by MTV. He has exhibited his photos in Philadelphia, New York, and his work is featured in the traveling exhibition Rock Art Show.