Terminal A-West
April 15, 2014 - October 29, 2014

What would you do while sitting at a crowded, noisy wedding? If you were K’NEX founder Joel Glickman, you would play with straws and imagine how to build toy structures based on a rod and connector building system. Glickman’s imagination, combined with innovative product engineering and design, led to what is now known as K’NEX – one of the world’s most popular and innovative construction toy companies.

Founded in 1992 and located just outside of Philadelphia in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, K’NEX has manufactured over 31 billion toy parts, which averages approximately 4 million parts per day!

And it’s not just child’s play. K’NEX building systems have been integrated into classrooms around the world. Considered a dynamic tool for creative learning, K’NEX systems are used to teach the principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Teachers have known for a long time that interactive, hands-on teaching makes learning fun and easier for students to understand how subjects are interrelated including the arts. Building with K’NEX promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration, and creativity. As K’NEX says, “We help build the leaders of tomorrow.”

And, to show the world how spectacular these toys are, K’NEX has designed and built this amazing, kinetic structure specifically for the Airport exhibition. A K’NEX team of 6 talented designers and engineers worked together for nearly 170 hours to create this unique, 7-foot high construction made of more than 48,000 K’NEX parts.

This is a phenomenal achievement and a monumental statement about what can be accomplished with imagination and innovative engineering at play.