Terminal E

March 22, 2013 - October 20, 2013
Philadelphia artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin is known for his use of colorful, pattern-filled abstractions and cut-outs of large-scale cartoon cats and totem-like hieroglyphs. Lin often combines all three components by printing repeated patterns on multiple sheets of paper and pasting the patterned paper onto the wall to create a mesmerizing backdrop for his larger than life, upright-walking cats and abstract vertical letterforms. Like the backdrop, the cats also bear their own colorful patterns except for their white human-like hands, muzzles, eyes, ears, and their signature bulbous noses.  Everything is patterned head to toe and top to bottom with either dense, overlapping markings or painted using vibrant colors.
When combined, the visually stimulating patterns and color combinations create an exuberant and energized environment.  As Lin describes, it is “like looking into another world,” a realm where friendly and mischievous cartoon cats parade. It is a fantasy-filled visual adventure with its overwhelming multiplicity of patterns, abstractions, and colors. Lin has created an optically pulsating world where patterned, 8’ tall cartoon cats whimsically roam. And, if it isn’t stimulating enough, use the 3d glasses to see even more.