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January 9, 2018 - October 31, 2018

Fishtown is one of Philadelphia's many beloved neighborhoods. Located between Girard and Lehigh Avenues, east of Front Street and west of the Delaware River, Fishtown was once the center of the City's shad fishing industry—hence its name. Today, Fishtown has redefined itself as an eclectic mix of urban grit within a diverse working-class neighborhood. It has been described by Visitphilly as a "true harbor of artistic, culinary, and musical action. This classic neighborhood...is a collection of narrow streets beset with modest row homes and independently owned businesses." 

Fishtown is home to Philadelphia artist Jaime Alvarez a professional fine art and commercial art photographer who has created a visual journal that he calls Fishtown Daily—an on-going series of photographs that began one day while walking his dog. Living and working in Fishtown, Alvarez describes this project as "an exercise for me to find something new in my immediate horizon."

Alvarez's collection of photos document day-to-day Fishtown. They are details taken from a pedestrian's vantage point of homes, businesses, yards, and street corners. People are rarely pictured yet their presence is evident. It seems for each captured moment as if Alvarez has the neighborhood to himself. The photographs are a personal documentation of his neighborhood through his eyes. The unaltered images are a humble record of Fishtown's unique heritage and its identity as a self-sufficient, resilient community.

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