Teminal E

November 5, 2010 - May 25, 2011


Philadelphia artist James Dupree is known for his prolific repertoire of paintings, prints, and mixed media assemblages. Dupree's artwork is a reflection of his personal journey and life experiences. He chooses materials and techniques that best express his ideas and feelings at a particular time. Yet, regardless of the varied media, there are similarities throughout his diverse body of work. Large-scale and saturated with color, Dupree typically combines multiple layers of representational imagery with abstract forms. His visually stimulating compositions are dense with overlapping shapes, patterns and textures. This complexity is enhanced with a series of painted vertical bands that visually divide the picture plane, creating a sense of movement as the colors and forms shift slightly from one band to another. In some instances, Dupree further subdivides his paintings into a series of separate vertical panels. Staggered in height, the various panels emphasize the overall compositional movement. These characteristics are evident in Dupree's recent painting entitled Evolving Elements. Here, Dupree uses a combination of two- and three-dimensional circular forms throughout the composition that include colorful ribbons, receding spiral vortexes and orbital forms bursting off the surface. The colors and forms appear to move swiftly and with great exuberance. Unbound by the vertical bands and staggered panels, the imagery and marks flow seamlessly over the entire composition. And within this visual activity is an underlying sense of musicality. The energized colors, forms, patterns and marks seem lyrical and rhythmic as if Dupree is interpreting the crescendo of an orchestral arrangement by visually representing the rhythms, sounds and movements within his magnum opus.