February 19 - December 23, 2016

Terminal E
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist James Brantley best described his artistic journey when he said “Studio painting with its hypnotic hold on its dreamer produces images that bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious thought. The value of color fusion, the importance of composition, the ability to see and record 3-dimensional space on a 2-dimensional plane is intoxicating. My paintings represent efforts to make marks that make sense and take you on an incredible adventure.”

Art has been a part of Brantley’s life since he was a child. He says he has drawn, painted and created his whole life, saying “I can’t remember when I didn’t.” Over the decades, Brantley has been predominantly interested in painting portraits, figures, and landscapes – recognizable imagery influenced by abstract principles. His aesthetic has been described as “virtually immune from the influence of trends and transient artistic fashions and he follows a path of his own conception.”

Brantley’s landscapes are typically serene whether urban, rural, or combinations of the two. Most notably, they feature horizon lines where the city skyline or variations of green rolling hills and blue waterways meet the sky. If figures are depicted, they appear small and introspective within their immense surroundings. Brantley’s paintings portray the spirit of the landscape and express our universal bond with nature.

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