Terminal E, Ticketed Passengers​

September 21, 2018 - April 22, 2019

Philadelphia-based artist Jay Walker is known for his large-scale installations created using combinations of duct tape, laser-cut vinyl, artist-made stencils, and paint. His multi-colored, multi-patterned works typically feature imagery like jackets, plaid shirts, draped figurative forms, human hearts, and hands. His work depicts aspects and elements of the human figure, yet the figure is purposefully absent. Devoid of a specific identity, Walker's figurative imagery and patterns are universal and timeless so that most who experience the work will share a familiar connection, a familiar association although each individual's interpretation will be distinctly unique to their own personal history.

Walker says that his work "deals with tandem obsessions—materials and mystery." He is particularly intrigued by duct tape and uses it as one of his primary mediums. He is inspired by how challenging it is to work with, yet it too, like his figurative imagery, reiterates a sense of familiarity. Walker's imagery often emerges out of taped color fields as the larger-than-life hands and heart reveal themselves and separate from their patterned surroundings. Nameless and faceless the figurative elements are mysterious apparitions that are symbolic of humanity and the human spirit. 

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