Terminal F, Concourse 1 

September 17, 2010 - June 13, 2011

Philadelphia artist Jeannie Pearce likens her profession as a photographer with her interest in bird watching and her compulsion for collecting. Pearce has said, "As a photographer, I collect and stash away thousands of images whether on film or as digital files." And she notes that bird watching has similar traits and behaviors akin to photography such as gathering, researching and organizing. In 2005, Pearce's passion for photography, collecting and bird watching culminated with her series of bird portraits photographed through a spotting scope or telescope. Known as digiscopes, the resulting photographs have a spyglass effect because the images are captured within a circular format. Pearce's technique of using a telescope amplifies the power of observation, intensifies the detail and accentuates the voyeuristic nature of bird watching. The circular vignette also adds a sense of grandeur to the birds almost as if their images radiate from the moon, making them appear larger than life, like watchful guardians over the world below.