Terminal C

July 15, 2017 - February 8, 2018

Philadelphia artist Lyn Godley has worked with light throughout much of her artistic career. First, as a successful designer creating functional objects and today, as a fine artist using a multiplicity of lights and materials as a basis for her work from programmable fiber optics and LEDs to reflective dichroic film and mylar.

Godley has described her artwork as "layered environments that play with themes of interactive observation, movement, and user-behavior." She has said that "light brings magic to any environment, energizing space with color, movement, and sparkle. Light transforms the ordinary into the spectacular."

Godley uses light in numerous ways – to accentuate and activate her 2-dimensional work and to create installations using lights as sculpture. In both, she incorporates continual motion as the lights change in color, turn off and on, or through the interactive reflectivity of the materials. The motion of the viewer is also considered whether one sees their own reflection or the work visually changes dependent on the vantage point.

Here, the placement of the suspended lighted tubes spells out the artwork's title when seen from the front. It is in that singular place and moment in time that the lighted tubes transform and reveal SOAR. As Godley stated about the Airport installation, it is a "brief reminder of where the viewer is going to or coming from."

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