Pretty City — Get Lost Out There

Terminal F
Ticketed Passengers
March 10, 2018 - October 28, 2018

Philadelphia artist Lauren Cat West works on wide-ranging projects from intimately scaled freelance illustrations and graphics to large public murals. Regardless the scale, West's artwork typically incorporates colorful, simple shaped silhouettes--flat cutout-like symbols--that represent both natural elements and objects found in everyday life. Her imaginative compositions feature a collection of shapes poetically placed against a contrasting white or vibrantly colored background. West's unique aesthetic style and signature color palette create whimsical visual narratives that are universally accessible.

Pretty City is a continuation of West's series of illustrations that she calls "get lost out there" based on travel, urban exploration, and her desire to reveal special moments in nature that she refers to as the "hidden beauty in a city." West wrote, "There are small (sometimes hidden) growing environments everywhere you look—wildflowers sprouting through the cracks of a sidewalk, a wild vine of morning glories making its way up a brick wall, or tall grasses blowing in the river-side wind."

To express her awe of the "urban wilderness," West has created a panoramic view of larger than human scale plant life alongside a series of sidebar singular moments that celebrates the resiliency of nature within the built environment.