Terminal A-West
February 23, 2013 - September 9, 2013

Lauren Dombrowiak is known for creating tower-like sculptural forms using stacked plates and cups. But Dombrowiak’s stacked, all-white dinnerware is not what you would find in the kitchen cupboard neatly organized, one atop the other. Instead, Dombrowiak’s plates and cups are often precariously balanced on their edges or upside down. Her sculptural dinnerware towers are a playful visual marvel. Like a stack of cards, there appears to be the eminent possibility of collapse. The fragility of the objects, although strategically stacked, is a domestic nightmare. Yet beyond the absurdity, the forms are beautiful in their simplicity and a clever use of rather ordinary objects. Rendered non-functional, the plates and cups have been transformed into monumental trophies of varying size.
To complement the towering dinnerware, Dombrowiak often incorporates decorative motifs like large-scale, brightly colored paisley leaves along with furnishings such as traditional tables, chairs, sofas, or a rug -- a touch of reality to underscore the topsy-turvy nature of the staged domestic scenario.