March 2, 2017 - October 15, 2017

Between Terminals C and D
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist Marguerita Hagan is known for her ceramic sculpture inspired by the fantastical design and exquisite beauty of marine life. From diatoms – microscopic single-celled organisms – to giant blue whales, Hagan recreates the intricate aesthetics of oceanic life that she describes as “constantly perfecting itself for each unique environment.”

 Hagan’s ceramic series emulates the complex underwater ecosystem and its extraordinary sea creatures. Her colorful convex circular forms that she refers to as shields are based on a variety of aquatic species. The wall-mounted circular domes offer a lens into the magnificent patterns and textures that swim underneath the water.

Similarly, Hagan’s all-white forms delve into the exotic intricacy and diversity of the single-celled creatures that populate the ocean from its deep abyss to the sunlit zone. These remarkably designed single-celled organisms photosynthesize more than half of earth’s oxygen. Hagan has said, “The intricate ceramic marine forms in white shine light on the wonder as well as the delicate, diverse, and mostly unseen life of the sea with which our lives are intrinsically linked.” Hagan’s sculpture celebrates the visual aesthetics of the ocean and “aims to bring more awareness to the environmental issues surrounding our vital relationship with it.”