Terminal D
January 18, 2011 - August 19, 2011

Michael Schunke is a renowned American glassblower who has been working with glass since 1988 while a student at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. From his early studies through today, his work has been greatly influenced by Venetian glassblowing, a centuries-old art form known for its mastery of traditional techniques, inspiring craftsmanship, and beauty – all distinctive qualities at the core of Schunke’s glass art. Over the years, Schunke has developed his own artistic vision that has been described as a contemporary combination of lines and colors with classical forms. His elegant creations are typically functional and include goblets, bottles, pitchers, and other vessels.  Each, with their saturated colors and controlled lines, are a singular sculptural form. Yet, in groupings, the repetition of forms reinforces the artist’s command of the medium and his commitment to create unique and masterfully crafted glass art.