Terminal C
September 27, 2012 - April 25, 2013

Philadelphia artist Nic Coviello is a painter, printmaker, and photographer whose artwork seamlessly combines these varied mediums to create 2-dimensional landscape narratives. Coviello presents a series of figurative landscapes, arranged salon-style, that depict one of his favorite places, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary -- a 2,600 acre natural refuge in southeastern Pennsylvania. A frequent visitor to regional preserves, Coviello describes himself and others who share his enthusiasm as “kindred spirits who visit these same natural refuges for their own personal reasons. They are hikers, pedestrians, environmentalists, bird watchers and artists. I call them ‘seekers.’ They are people like myself who use these outposts to wander, to discover, and record natural events. In the process, the seekers refresh their own sense of self and their spirits soar.’”
In this particular collection, Coviello captures the essence of the seekers standing amidst vast expanses of open space and endless sky. Predominantly bathed in various hues of blue, Coviello depicts the landscape using abstract painterly techniques allowing the brush strokes and tactile marks of the paint to remain. In contrast, he portrays the figures realistically using black-and-white photographic elements. Although peacefully engaged within the landscape, the graphically rendered seekers appear separate from their natural surroundings – a reminder that contemporary culture and nature are often disconnected. Yet many people, just like Coviello, seek a temporary refuge “away from the clank of the world,” to reconnect albeit momentarily.