Terminal F

October 16, 2015 - May 22, 2016

Philadelphia artist Yis Goodwin, aka “Nosego,” is an illustrator, painter, and street artist whose work masterfully blends realism with cartoonish and anthropomorphic elements to create imaginative creatures of whimsy. Goodwin’s unique amalgam of imagery is other-worldly, yet his characters are rooted in an eccentric familiarity. He has described his work as being similar to the visual sensation of “looking into a jumbled, disorganized toy box,” where piled-high toys are tangled and intertwined making it hard to discern one from the other. That is a perfect description of Goodwin’s artwork. His individual toy-like creatures are a fantasy-filled visual adventure where so many unrelated elements meld together to create highly detailed, precisely painted, somehow unified compositions.

In addition to painting on canvas and wood panels, Goodwin is also known for his large-scale street art. He began painting on exterior walls because he wanted his art to be seen publicly and to enliven the everyday urban experience. He soon discovered that his street art had the ability to brighten someone’s day, which has motivated him to continue to paint on walls. Today, his street art can be seen throughout Philadelphia and around the world including Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Canada, and Mexico.

Goodwin has said, “I paint what the kid in me would approve of. My work is just meant to be fun.”  That he has accomplished.

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