Terminal F, Ticketed Passengers

August 31, 2018 - April 15, 2019

Philadelphia artist Rebecca Jacoby is inspired by nature, process, repetition, and growth. Her mixed-media paintings created with oil sticks; oil, acrylic, and enamel paints; pastel; and collage—feature patterned fields of colorful circular forms accentuated with leaf-like shapes and linear elements. Jacoby describes her imagery as a “preoccupation with pebbles, stones, and cellular structures.” Her various sized circles are influenced by “stonewalls of New England that seemingly neither start nor end, appearing to grow out of and merge back into the earth.” Combined with the textures, saturated colors, and linear patterns sourced from her urban surroundings, Jacoby intertwines organic shapes and geometric elements that meld into a cohesive existence.

Jacoby is also known to add collaged materials to the surfaces of her 2-dimensional paintings to “increase depth, tactility, and as a tool through which imagery is further developed.” This technique reiterates her intuitive and instinctive-based process that enables her to respond to compositions as they evolve.

For her installation at the Airport, Jacoby has applied collage elements as she says, “to act as connectors, linking the four paintings…so that they are unified, energized, and provide a sense of flow.” For Jacoby, painting a mass of intricate circles she says is “meditative and therapeutic…In my studio, I lose myself in the repetition, color, and textures of my visual language.”

Visit rajacoby.com.