by Rhonda Cooper

October 5, 2017 - April 16, 2018

Between Terminals A-East and B
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia fiber artist Rhonda Cooper, who goes by the name Marbufs, is passionate about rethinking the typically utilitarian art form of crocheting. Marbufs learned to crochet at the young age of seven. But it was just three years ago, that Marbufs discovered the work of Agata Oleksiak (aka Olek), and that experience changed her view of crocheting from a practical art to a form of artistic expression.

Olek has described her own working process as, “I crochet everything that enters my space.” Marbufs shares a like-minded desire to transform common objects from sports equipment, musical instruments, backpacks, luggage, and sunglasses to urban structures such as bike racks, sign poles, and columns. Marbufs says that she can crochet anything and the more complex the form, the more challenging.

This type of art form is affectionately known as yarnbombing. It is similar in concept to photobombing where an unexpected action or occurrence is revealed with the underlying intent to surprise. Yarnbombing is recognizably harmless and the nurturing nature of crocheting creates a sense of nostalgia. Like other yarnbombers, Marbufs uses traditional crocheting techniques to reinvent and personalize objects. She invites you to view ordinary things through her transformative lens.

Marbufs crocheted interventions are an artful gesture of comfort and humanity.