Terminal A-West 

 August 4, 2010 - March 13, 2011


Roberley Bell is known for her sculptural work inspired by nature, particularly formal gardens and topiaries where there have been obvious interventions to shape, manicure, and compose them. She is interested in humanity's desire to control and manipulate nature, which inevitably creates a less natural environment. Bell's artwork embodies this dichotomy as she creates natural forms using common, store bought materials. Each sculpture is a human-scaled fantasy that features bright, undulating shapes adorned with plastic flowers, novelty birds, pool noodles and inflatable inner tubes. It is this odd, yet playful combination of natural and manufactured elements that is reminiscent of a surreal Seuss-like landscape. Bell's work has been described as "teeming with artificial flowers and fruits and creatures arranged in elaborate, candy-colored assemblages designed to dazzle the sensibilities." They are idyllic and imaginative interpretations of nature - forever preserved at its most beautiful.

Bell's Flower Blob series is named after the term blob architecture or blobitecture - digitally designed buildings that have an organic shape or bulge. And, just like Bell's Flower Blobs, this form of architecture appears natural, but in fact the structures are created without using any natural elements.