Terminal C

May 12, 2011 – January 12, 2012

Delaware artist Robert Straight is known for his densely layered abstract paintings that feature vibrant colors and detailed surface patterns. Straight is inspired by nature’s endless structures and systems, both organic and geometric. His aesthetic emulates the abundance of colors and patterns, the spontaneity and the order associated with nature. These references are often abstracted as elements are magnified, silhouetted, and overlapped.

Although Straight typically works on canvas and paper, in this particular series he has painted on thinly cut cross sections of trees with the bark still intact encircling the edges. Straight’s use of this raw material underscores his interest in natural structures and systems. Here, he has created groupings of individual paintings on wood atop a webbed patterned wall painted with two shades of blue. The oval shapes and their systematic arrangements seem like clustered islands floating across the wall. Each painting features its own unique markings; yet together, there is a harmonious and exuberant interaction. Like the natural world, Straight’s elaborate hand-painted surfaces always provide something new to discover.