Terminal E

July 23, 2015 - February 22, 2016

Philadelphia artist Ron Klein is an avid collector whose work is inspired by natural and manufactured objects. From seed pods, sea shells, vines, and animal quills to baseballs, badminton birdies, corks, and mesh – these divergent elements have all been found and collected by Klein for potential re-use in his wall-mounted compositions.

The plethora of elements represents years of collecting from either local urban debris or flea markets and from his extensive travels throughout equatorial rain forests. Klein is devoted to collecting objects from near and far, and his extensive collection represents his own personal history and his interest in two vastly different cultures. He has said that many of the objects are “memories of my travels and adventures and others are intrinsically linked to my life in Philadelphia.”

Typically using hundreds to thousands of elements in each composition, Klein is known to create dense arrangements where the objects are rhythmically composed and pinned to the wall. Some of the objects remain unaltered while some have been re-configured and combined with other elements to create hybrid forms. His work has been described as “controlled explosions of energy and matter.” Seen at a distance, the small objects are difficult to discern individually and the work appears as eccentrically patterned wallpaper. But up close, as the details and dimensionality of each element emerges, the viewer visually scours the composition to make his or her own personal connections.  

Visit ronklein.info.

The artwork is courtesy Howard Scott Gallery, NYC.