Terminal E
October 26, 2013 - May 15, 2014

Philadelphia artist Paul Santoleri is known for his large-scale paintings and drawings of imaginary landscapes. His 2-dimensional works on paper are typically black and white featuring bold black lines that define each element.  The black against the stark white paper creates a high, graphic contrast. And his densely populated marks leave little negative space as each object intermingles and flows into the next. Whether Santoleri is rendering a garden or urban cityscape, the scale, detail, and density of black lines are mesmerizing.
In Flight Pattern, Santoleri has rendered a massive feather, the centerpiece of the composition, featuring undulating lines that he says “suggest the movements created by constant travel.” The feather floats in the foreground above a smaller-scale cityscape. The viewer’s vantage point is an aerial view, looking down onto the feather with the cityscape even further in the distance.