Terminal C

October 28, 2010 - May 5, 2011

Philadelphia artist Shannon Donovan creates installations of room interiors that combine found objects such as chairs, tables, and wallpaper with handmade ceramic elements to transform a seemingly functional room into a nonfunctioning surrealistic interior. In Rest Awhile, Donovan has created a life-size diorama of an old-fashioned sitting room. The interior is visually stimulating with its abundant objects, multiple patterns, colors and textures. It is a nostalgic setting with an eclectic array of familiar utilitarian objects and ornamental d├ęcor. There is the appearance that little has changed over the generations. However, Donovan has purposefully infused her interior with odd curiosities such as three-dimensional branches and blossoms that emerge from the floral patterned wallpaper, ceramic cakes and flowering clay hubcap forms that adorn the wall and floor. The branches and other objects in bloom add a mysterious and peculiar sensation as the growing tendrils nearly envelope the room. These unexpected elements combined with the room's overall excessive nature, create an engaging setting for viewers to dwell and visually wander through.