Terminal D  
August 26, 2011 - March 13, 2012

Sharon Wilinsky Taffet is a self-proclaimed “devotee of all things artistic.” From her background in art history and design work to her sculptural footwear, she has been exposed to art from an early age as the daughter and granddaughter of artists. Taffet’s multiple artistic influences came into play while she worked on a philanthropic event with featured guest, Philadelphia author Jennifer Weiner, who wrote In Her Shoes. Taffet, inspired by the book’s title, created the table centerpieces – fanciful footwear. As a result of this particular project and her own appreciation for amazing shoes, Taffet has continued her shoe series.

Taffet has said “she is fueled by an almost compulsive need to make all things pretty.” And it’s Taffet’s nearly compulsive nature that is prevalent in her series of embellished footwear – store-bought shoes and boots that she has adorned with costume jewelry, feathers, artificial fruit and foliage, shells, candy, even playing cards and dice. Using a single shoe or boot – never working with pairs – each is unique and decorated thematically to create a visual unity amongst the chosen objects. The décor is carefully composed with abundant textures, patterns, and colors, leaving little surface area untouched. Taffet has transformed the utilitarian shoe into a sculptural object. Her fanciful and whimsical narratives are a decorative delight.