Terminal B
May 11, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Philadelphia artist Stacey Lee Webber uses coins to re-create traditional hand tools and hardware screws to re-create floral bouquets. These very different objects, tools and flowers, when fabricated using coins and hardware screws, both value the handmade and honor the American laborer. Webber describes herself as coming from a lineage of physical hand laborers and has said that she is “proud to follow in their footsteps by using my hands in everyday life,” to create artwork inspired by her family “who worked hard for everything they have.”
Webber’s handcrafted tools -- hammers, saws, a ladder, plumb bob, and measuring tape -- and her flowers are all crafted at the same scale as the original object. At a distance, the objects look like antiques because of their worn, patina finish. Up close, the coins and hardware screws reveal themselves. It is an amazing discovery to realize that the materials used by Webber are as common as the objects that she replicates. And, she has truly mastered her technique as the tools and flowers are convincingly and skillfully rendered, traits that her family would certainly admire.

Visit www.staceyleewebber.com