Between Terminals C and D

December 11, 2014 - July 27, 2015  

A native Philadelphian, Tegan M. Brozyna is a painter and mixed media artist whose creativity is inspired by themes that relate to the earth, geography, and sense of place.

Using paper maps that she cuts, paints, overlaps, sews, and folds, Brozyna makes imagined landscapes and terrains out of hundreds of small circular and fan-like forms. Each is uniquely crafted and when arranged en masse alludes to a larger whole, a larger landscape - as Brozyna describes it - “that is intertwined and interdependent.”

For Brozyna, the use of maps is an integral part of her work. Maps are a means of navigation that simultaneously illustrate borders – both natural and human-made – and exploration – the freedom to travel and experience other places. By manipulating existing maps, altering them, and reassembling them, Brozyna is re-mapping the world.

Brozyna says that her undulating compositions of modular forms appear to “grow organically and intuitively,” and by redefining the landscape “it is a type of regeneration creating new life and possibilities of form.”