February 14, 2017 - September 24, 2017

Terminal A-West
Ticketed Passengers

Philadelphia artist Terri Saulin is a ceramist whose work is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges's short story The Garden of Forking Paths written in 1941. The story is described as "a labyrinth of ideas" based on concepts and perceptions of time and the universe. The story's themes are similar to the theory known as Many-Worlds where multiple universes exist simultaneously.

Saulin Frock's work is a visual interpretation of an "imagined time-lapse view or code of a world." Saulin Frock creates small-scale, complex, architectural structures that are both ancient and futuristic. Typically, her work features a hand-built core – an organically shaped vessel -- enhanced with 3-dimensional linear elements part lattice-like, part scaffolding that imply structural repair, growth, and continual change.

Saulin Frock's porcelain compositions are often detailed with small circular coils, mini slabs, as well as floral references – a nod to the vitality of nature. The sculptures are magical in their diminutive scale and complexity. They appear to be microcosms that have transcended time as if built over centuries by multiple hands and cultures. Each is a container of unique architectural history evident in its presence yet mysterious in its evolution.

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