Youth Art Gallery, between Terminals D and E
August 14, 2000 - December 7, 2000 

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, is the nation's only university devoted exclusively to education and professional training in design, visual, media, and performing arts. The University of the Arts was founded in 1987 through the consolidation of two century-old institutions: The Philadelphia College of Art (1876) and the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts (1870).

Incoming students to The University of the Arts, who are pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, are required to participate in a year-long curriculum known as the Foundation Program.This program is devoted to a basic understanding of principles and concepts in the visual arts including Two- and Three-dimensional Design, Drawing, and studies in Time and Motion. This introductory program allows students to discover the underlying values and principles important to all visual arts.

This exhibition features selected works of two-dimensional design and drawing.