Terminal C
June 1, 2017-January 1, 2018 

Philadelphia artist Trudy Kraft describes her paintings as “indebted to a wide range of cultural traditions” including Aboriginal, African, Indian, Japanese, and Thai. She is inspired by the “interaction of patterns, surfaces, and textures.”  Kraft’s highly detailed paintings that feature densely patterned circles are particularly reminiscent of Indian embroidery and Aboriginal dream paintings also known as dot paintings.

To create the bead-like circular elements, Kraft uses a small sponge attached to a wooden dowel and overpaints the dots in layers. The dynamic, larger, opaque circular forms appear to float overtop the lighter translucent background creating a mesmerizing depth of field. Kraft’s repetitive mark making, the dots and lines both large and small, are simultaneously micro- and macroscopic. She has said, “I am making visible the hidden structures that lie just beyond ordinary perception.”

And regarding her multiple cultural influences, Kraft has said that they are all “part of our common planetary heritage and continue to nourish my work in conscious and unconscious ways.”

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