Terminal B

September 20, 2012 - May 5, 2013

Philadelphia artist Victoria Gold is fascinated with pigeons. Living in the city, Gold has daily interactions with them as pigeons are a large part of the urban landscape -- so much so, that they are often overlooked. Yet, their prevalence as they co-mingle amongst humanity is at times considered a nuisance. But Gold has learned to appreciate their presence as they sit on the ledge of her window-sill she can observe them up close. She describes one such moment as magical, “feeling like I shared a secret being able to see them right there on the other side of the glass.” Gold has read books about pigeons and learned about their origins, habits, and how they were previously used as messengers during war times – literally credited with saving soldiers’ lives. And she says that most interestingly, she learned that no two pigeons are identical. That each has its own individual colors, markings, and behavioral characteristics.  
Gold’s handcrafted ceramic pigeons honor these city birds as she has lovingly captured their beauty and uniqueness. She has carefully sculpted their individual shapes, textures, balance, and footing. Yet, some are more folk-like as they don candle holders atop their backs – a whimsical reminder of their functional use as carrier pigeons.
Gold’s admiration of these familiar birds is obvious.  And the next time one encounters pigeons in a city park, street-side, or nesting on a ledge, hopefully their presence will recall Gold’s endearing re-creations.