Between Terminals C and D 

November 1, 2000 - May 1, 2001

Also known as Toy Theater, Paper Theater, or Juvenile Drama, this unique form of puppetry originated in England around 1811. Throughout its history, Model Theater has attracted many famous collectors including Robert Louis Stevenson, Charlie Chaplin, Hans Christian Anderson, Winston Churchill, and Charles Dickens. Philadelphia’s legendary city planner Edmund Bacon is also an avid collector of model theaters. In "Cinderella," he has taken traditional collecting a step further and created his own delightfully charming production.

Before radio, television, and cinema, children in Edwardian England spent a great deal of time making and performing their own toy theater productions. Today, this art form is not very well known, especially in the United States. This exhibition features six recreated scenes from Edmund Bacon’s production of Cinderella and the recorded performance in its entirety.