Terminal F, Concourse 1

April 27, 2007 - November 12, 2007

Philadelphia artist Andrea Baldeck is known for her eloquent black and white photographs. Her wide ranging repertoire includes close-up observations of nature, portraiture, still lifes, urban and rural landscapes, as well as exotic places such as Venice, Haiti, and Southeast Asia. Although seemingly disparate subjects, her images are consistently intimate. They are personal expressions of her interest in light and shadow, composition, form, and texture.

Baldeck's preference for black and white photography comes from her desire to bring life into the subject in lieu of color. She has said, "black and white, abstracted from the world as we usually see it, asks us to look again, and re-imagine the world." For Baldeck, it is the pleasure of capturing things anew and exposing the unexpected nuances and details of the world around us.

"Drawn from the everyday world, changed through the alchemy of photography and the eye of the artist, these images remind us that sometimes the quotidian is the strangest of all."
(Excerpt from the book Andrea Baldeck: Talismanic)