Between Terminals B and C 

May 18, 2006 - December 15, 2006 

Philadelphia artist Jerry Bennett is known for his small sculptural structures made from porcelainous paper clay-a handmade mixture of clay, paper pulp, and water. The paper pulp provides a unique textural component and strengthens the otherwise thin, fragile elements from which each form is built. With this reinforced strength, Bennett is able to achieve intricately assembled lattice-like vessels where the scaffolding defines the overall form. Bennett's structures are based on seemingly opposing dynamics. They are both architectural and organic-the forms structurally stand, yet appear somewhat tenuous as the handmade assembly and joining techniques remain evident. His frequent use of an open grid format emphasizes positive and negative space that is simultaneously airy yet dense with pattern and repetition. The open grid also allows Bennett to decorate the object with clay tendrils or loops of stainless steel-playful elements that seem to grow out of the underlying structure.