Terminal C

September 11, 2009 - March 22, 2010

Philadelphia artist Sarah Biemiller is known for her conceptual installations typically created using epetitive and labor-intensive processes. Biemiller uses ephemeral materials like paper and wax, either built up in layers or units to establish a larger, grander sculptural presence. In several works, she has used another medium—her breath—to inflate and shape the sculpture. In Untitled (for Sophie), Biemiller has stitched together 120 cubes, each made of 6 squares of thin paper. Each cube was then inflated by the artist’s breath. It is a symbolic, ritualistic, and repetitive process to breathe temporal life into the sculpture. The breath-filled cubes are stacked in rows forming a fragile, nearly weightless wall. The idea of a living wall is furthered by the soft internal glow of light. Biemiller has created a meditative and peaceful aura. It is a welcoming beacon of respite within the often-hectic Airport environment.