Between Terminals C and D

January 19, 2007 - July 19, 2007

Artist Nancy Blum is known for her continual interest in nature, particularly botanical imagery. She works in both two- and three-dimensions, even in combination where drawings and sculptural forms overlap. In any dimension, her work is labor intensive, obsessive, highly detailed, and always exquisite both in beauty and craftsmanship. Blum's sculptures, typically wall-oriented, feature repetitive forms of either flowers or butterflies composed singly and in clusters like natural patterns that seem to ebb and flow.

Butterfly Wall features 90 large-scale butterflies made of cast china clay. Their white, unglazed wings have been meticulously adorned with raised and incised geometric patterns-designs inspired from Islamic architecture. The butterflies are beautiful objects, contemplative, and quiet as in nature. They appear to float delicately over the wall as the butterflies cast subtle haloes of reflected color from their brightly painted undersides. In its totality, Butterfly Wall is poetic and harmonious. The repetition of forms, patterns, and reflected color embrace an overall sense of serenity and a momentary escape from reality.