Terminal C

May 2, 2007 - December 10, 2007 

Philadelphia artist Mark Campbell is interested in creating artwork that addresses the suburban landscape, a very familiar living scenario for many Americans. Built in the 1950's, typical suburban neighborhoods featured affordable, single-family homes often referred to as "cookie-cutters" as each shared nearly identical characteristics. The popularity and high demand for the suburban lifestyle has resulted in an overwhelming abundance of subdivisions that are prevalent throughout the United States.

In Daisy Chain (2007), Campbell focuses on a relatively new phase of American housing-Xurbia (residential developments that feature larger, more expensive homes or McMansions). Here, approximately 10,000 miniature estates are seen from an aerial perspective. The quantity and repetition of these structures is daunting. Campbell has created a seemingly unending chain of miniscule model homes that appear to be continually branching off, forming new patterns, and searching for more space to thrive and evolve.