Between Terminals C and D

October 15, 2008 -  May 5, 2009

Artist Randall Cleaver has been creating timepieces and lamps for nearly 20 years. Made from ordinary found and salvaged objects, Cleaver combines and reconfigures elements such as globes, gears, tins, and toasters into functioning clocks and lamps. By joining together familiar yet disparate elements, Cleaver intuitively selects and assembles old and often nostalgic objects into new and functioning artworks. The various components no longer serve their initial purposes as Cleaver chooses to alter the object's original function, rendering what was once a waffle iron into a wall-mounted clock.

The idea of reusing objects began when Cleaver was a young boy. His father was an avid collector, frequented auctions and flea markets, and searched through discarded piles of junk. Cleaver, fascinated by the abundance of his father's finds, started to make his own toys or tinker with existing toys using the materials he found stored in the basement or garage. Much later, as an art student in college, he continued to use found materials as a basis for his work.

Today, Cleaver has honed his artistic vision and fascination with found objects to focus on the creation of clocks and lamps where function is a necessity, yet the overall sculptural form-whether in motion or lighted-is ultimately the creative challenge.