Between Terminals A-East and B
January 10, 2014 - July 20, 2014

The National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, was founded to promote non-violence and the peaceful existence amongst all humankind. The Museum’s concept is unique as it creatively uses its world-class collection of glass art as a metaphor for freedom – “glass is beautiful, strong, and also extremely fragile.”
In order to fulfill its mission to foster good character, civic responsibility, and respect for all, the Museum is home to 78 exhibits, nearly 180 works of contemporary glass art, and features the varied stories of 2,000 heroes including Cesar Chávez, Shirley Chisholm, WEB DuBois, Helen Keller, Nelson Mandela, Paul Robeson, and Alice Walker.
The Museum’s glass art collection is known as the “art of liberty,” and the centerpiece is a site-specific, large-scale glass sculpture, Flame of Liberty, by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. More than 20’ high, the brilliant red, 2-story sculpture is suspended through a large circular hole cut into the ceiling. Its multitude of glass tendrils undulate from floor to ceiling and appear endless as it is reflected in a mirror below. Flame of Liberty exemplifies the collection overall and the Museum’s message that “liberty is as fragile as glass.”